Friday, December 28, 2007

last minute christmas

we decided around 8pm, Christmas eve, to celebrate christmas with fair and whitman. michael and i both have reservations about the holiday, but the idea of seeing fair's disappointment of santa's absence was too much. so santa made a last minute stop...

rob and amy's amazing gift to the family

the crochet madness in amy's blood

fair's letter to santa. she fell asleep in the middle of writing it...

and whitman took advantage of the situation.

christmas with the family -- elfish whitman


santa's gift to whitman...

and fair's complimentary house on the lake. (thanks to the late night work of michael and christian...)

one of the two "rigor mortis" dolls that the kids got from rob and amy.

santa also gave fair princess makeup and daddy made her all up. he has a few years of experience under his belt... glam rock days and all

so christmas was good this year. we played Balderdash and i, being a great bull sh*&#er, of course won. the food was tasty and the company was warm. the monster, whitman, slept through the second half and gave us a chance to sit down and enjoy ourselves without the fear of something breaking. i hope everyone else is enjoying the holidays and have a great new year!



Pegster said...

Well, I'll have you know, I'm the balderdash champion in this family and I will not be dethroned due to absence. You can keep the title for a while, but there will have to be a cagematch at some point. There can be only one, Angela. Only one.

fair ophelia said...

it's on...