Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A Glimpse of Fair Ophelia

I have been working on creating different vest patterns and they are turning out great!  Kids vests are happily eating up my fabric supply... shopping for more may be in order...  Also, half vests that make me feel fancy.  My vintage Singer is working great and my outdoor workspace is shady and cool during this insane heat wave.

Tipi Village moves up the Mountain

The whole Tipi Village has moved up to the summer spot which is in the  Cascades-Siskiyous of Southern Oregon. The village is semi-nomadic, living lower in the valley during winter and spring and then up higher for the summer and fall.  Here is a few of us putting up the Big Lodge.  TheBig Lodge is the village's community space and where we all live together while we are setting up our family lodges, during moving time.  The Big Lodge is open to all and if you want to come and experience Tipi Village this is where you stay.