Thursday, January 03, 2008

it's been a while...again...

i found out that the next semester does not start until the 21st of the month... i somehow thought that i only had a three week break... so i have been taking a lot of time making my own creations, along with the many custom orders. i feel like i am in constant need of more fabric, mainly browns and reds, but after organizing my solids...

i realized that there is more potential for bags than i thought. i just made two large pleated bags and posted them on my etsy. I also just finished an order from my manager, at The Vine

she gave me free range on the fabrics and i had fun using some of my "grandma" hand-me-alongs. I have been using a lot of the swatches given to me too. it's really the only way i would be able to make a bag out of designer fabrics.

we received a surprise phone call from our crazy portland friend james this morning, telling us that he would be dropping in tonight. yeah! he does this every year around Christmas, when he drives from portland to wiscousin and back... stopping to visit on his way home. another piece of portland, stabbing us in the heart... i just talked to another portland friend today and we reminisced about going out to breakfast. gourmet craziness for $7.00, served by a tattooed angry artist, feminist, musician. i really have not found anything comparable and as cheap, here in st. louis. we are missing you portland!
well, off to drink wine, eat stinky cheeses and home made pumpkin bread from a coffee can.

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