Sunday, October 05, 2014

Bow of the Month!

Our daughter, Fair, won bow of the month in Primitive Archer Magazine!!!  Michael guided her in making the bow earlier this year while visiting family in Missouri.  We are really proud of her and hope she continues working on her second bow, from an osage orange stave gifted to her when we were at OJAM.


Our favorite twins of the Upper Rogue Farm.

Michael mentoring friends on making bows

Fair and her poetry

Michael found the ever elusive bagpiper to make music with

Moonrise with my fancy new camera

The music of Sangre de Muerdago by candlelight.

Fair Ophelia Designs at Leaf and Dragon

Tipi pitching in Chiloquin
The first time I have cheated and used a ladder for lacing pins...


Swifts in Portland

Bow drill firemaking with homeschoolers

The trick to bow drills is to be barefoot.

The best play structures are of nature.