Sunday, December 23, 2007

my studio

i recently moved my sewing studio from our mudroom to fair's room (her bed is now in the corner of our room). the garage is too cold for michael to paint in now that winter is upon the midwest and i offered up my studio to him. this meant moving into an area half the size and kid accessible. so i had to consider how to make it kid-friendly and not be a pain in the ass to function. i think that i did a good job and this has forced me to turn the scary basement room into a cutting and storage area. the basement is not that bad, it's just that no one has really done anything with it for the last ten years and i'm going through the last four tenants crap they left behind. I did find some treasures though... an antique sewing machine, a "fake" book for a million old country songs, and other unique and random goodies.

the studio...slightly organized

my henry miller poster, an amazing ink-wash of flowers i found and some messiness

my weapon of choice

michael's ink drawing of fair playing her piano

i'm planning a trip with my best friend, na-do, to go up to chicago for a weekend. this will be the first time i've been away from the family for more than a day in forever. but a lady has gots to get her girl time in and have some adventures. so anyone who wants a bag, ask me now... trips cost money. i plan on bringing bags with me to hock a few here and there. we'll see...

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