Monday, September 14, 2009

Unschool Family

We are now going on the third week of "unschooling." This has been an amazing adventure and I feel absolutely confident that we have made the best possible choice for our children. We opted to "unschool" rather than "homeschool" because of our belief that children are naturally curious and eager to learn. We go on their lead in what to help teach (more like facilitate and model) and they have geared us into the path of science, especially bugs, and learning about their immediate environment, plant identification and nature walks. Fair is still excited about doing math workbooks and has started reading whole books out loud to us. Her first read was Green Eggs and Ham. Her eyes were so wide and full of glory when she realized she was reading. Now every night when I read to her, she asks me to point out different words she hears and follows along with me...until she conks out.
Whitman is a lot happier now that he is with his sister again. I know that he is learning a lot by just watching Fair. Whitman is 16 mo. younger than Fair, who is 5, and he is not quite understanding some of the more complex scenarios, but he surprises us constantly.
If you would like to read both Michael and I's digest/blog on the family's unschooling experience, go to:
Anyone that would like to share a skill with us and the kids or go on a nature hike/museum visit, just give us a ring or email.
much love
I'm in lock-down for the next two weeks, working on Strangefolk bags... anyone want to help cut some fabric/burlap?