Wednesday, December 23, 2009

table cloth reconstruction

One of my favorite places to go in Portland is SCRAP. My trip there a few weeks ago was well worth the bus ride from our home outside of Portland.
I found this amazing green table cloth with even more awesome green lace finishing.
So I decided to turn it into a wrap skirt and here it is finished ... i love it!!

For the first time EVER I have organized shelves of fabric. Here's the evidence and we will se how long it lasts.

This is my latest project, incorporating this vintage burlap piece that I found on Esty. I have a really bright and intense purple fabric that compliments the bird colorings. (not that the colors in this picture are anywhere near accurate!!)

more to come...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

more house pics

the freakin' huge kitchen

the "presentable" section of the living room
note the amazing Vox organ Pecos B gave us!!!

we have been given the green light to stay here at least for a year, so if we don't get to tired of busing into the city then we will be able to host any of our friends and family who would like to come a visit!
we miss you!!!!!

where we are...

I just finished this amazing new messenger, finally utilizing a silk piece of fabric embroidered with peacocks, on the flap. I have one more section to make another bag!! I'm still working out fabric combinations for the other vintage and rare fabrics I've been hoarding. It's nice being out of burlap for the last couple of weeks...
I finally have pictures of our new home, in Portland. We actually live about a 30 min. bus ride from the city, but the wooded area is going to be great once the winter is over. the buses out here are limited, but still better than the old st. charles SCAT bus system!! Michael and I take the kids to the library every few days. Fair and Whitman are really into the human body right now. They want to know how everything works and the books with the fascinating pictures of our inner workings keep them wide-eyed.
The following are pictures that I took this morning. We are still waiting on our box of decor to come from grandma, so our walls are a little bare!! disregard the slight mess...

fair at the kitchen table

looking up from the entry way at my sewing studio

more pictures to come...

Friday, December 04, 2009

Costa Rica Bag

Just wanted the share one of the few bags I have made since our move to Portland. I love the Coasta Rican "bird of paradise" design. This was given to me by one of the Chauvin roasters before I left St. Louis. I finally put up some new bags on my Etsy and have some really nice ones that I'm working on. I'm running out of burlap and the supply here in Portland is a lot harder to get a hold of. So I'm cracking into my collection of vintage fabrics and I'm extremely happy with what's coming into fruition... check back soon for updates.

I am now taking orders for the Holidays. Please email me as soon as you can so I can get to work. or