Thursday, February 28, 2008


here is the first stage of the tattoo (the picture is a little fuzzy). it is just of the line work and in a few weeks i'll get the rest done. lauren b. @ evermore tattoo is the artist and she is doing a great job. most tattoo artists wouldn't go near a piece like this, but she was excited about it from the begining. i've had it for almost five days and it's basically healed... it was itchin' like crazy today. well i love it and fair loves it. she calls it the "fair and mama tattoo." when i got home, after getting it done, whitman said he was sad because he wasn't in the tattoo, but i reassured him that his was coming...
i'm buckling down this weekend and getting the orders done for all of you kind patient folks. so i may be missing in action again, but since i'm borrowing a camera for a few days i may drift towards the computer here and there...
until then...

Monday, February 25, 2008

fair ophelia interviewed on RFN

the lovely mr. marty owings just interviewed me for Radio Free Nation, part of blog talk radio. it was a little nerve racking, thinking of all of the "uhms" and "aws" to be swallowed, and not rambling... thankfully it did go well. we talked about the history of fair ophelia designs and the nifty handbags thus created. you can listen to the interview here.
...and there is a camera in the mail, so i will be posting more and more pictures...
off to writing my late comparative paper on afghan and indian folktale's to coffee and good music until the sun comes up.

Friday, February 22, 2008

bread and circus

my husband, michael, was interviewed last night on radio free nation on his collaborative blog found in pockets. the interview turned into a great look into the franklin family and our efforts and beliefs. this is a great chance for those of you to get more acquainted with us.
michael is an amazing orator and his eloquencce of speech largely surpasses my of the many reasons i fell in love. so check out the interview and tell me your thoughts.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

missing in action...

sorry for the lack of attention, but i've been drowning in school work and trying not to make myself sick. and i must admit i've been spending a little too much time shopping on-line and going out thrifting. i did make some great buys though.
a paper doll set
(for fair's birthday)

4 round vintage lockets
(for myself and maybe for some of you special ones out there...)

okay so i'm doing it again, i have to stop looking at this computer screen and get to sewing. i have quite a few bags to work on. so goodbye for now...

a few things before i truly go:

michael and i have started our own portable bookstore, check our blog for Sticks&Stones Books

today was the first day of work at Black Bear Bakery, for michael. yeah for good food and anarchists!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


yeah!! i can finally breathe again!! i just broke my sleeping for the last two and a half days sickness, along with poor whitman all snuggly and snot-nosed... now i can get right to work on the school projects that were due days ago. no sleep tonight... and no working on bags until the weekend. i have sheets of unorganized color-aid paper to go through for my color theory class. i was slightly duped by buying the pricey ass paper on ebay thinking i was getting a deal. the discription of the set missing a "few colors" actually meant "colors" not just sheets. i realized last night that there are hardly no reds or yellows. so what do i do? send it back and get a really bad grade, or try to work with what i have, eat the money and buy a smaller version of the set new in a few days. i'm screwed, my nose hurts and i think my husband and daughter are next in line for being sick... i can't wait until spring and for our tax return...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Etsy Shop Update Today

I will be slowly, but surely updating my etsy shop with bags today. I will start around 4pm and end.... who knows...I have 15 bags to add!! yes, 15. this is largely due to the great but extremely overcrowded show last night. i did not have a hand in the arranging and setup of displays and unfortunately my bags where lost within the sea of merchandise. the space was tiny for the amount of stuff and people, so unless it was a quick grab, many sales where lost. despite my lack of sales, i met some really cool people.
i've become one step closer to getting my tattoo, from miss lauren b., at evermore. I am getting Three Ages of Women, by Gustav Klimt, as an upper arm sleeve. I'm doing it for a number of reasons, mainly it is to honor fair's birth. Here is the actually painting, but lauren with be simplifying it and changing some coloring .
i found a great hook up for asian baby slings, from South City Slings.

and i got to hang out with longtime friend kate, from red anvil.

so, in the end, i may not of been financially successful, but it was a great social evening with sword-toting belly dancers, fellow crazy crafters and artists, and a few solid women that i hopefully will be hanging with again.