Tuesday, May 27, 2008

butterfly bag

here is the latest coffee sack design that i found earlier this week. i have a few finishing touches and then i will take a few better pictures, once the sun is up, and post it on my etsy shop. my daughter, fair, will love the butterfly.

burlap goodness

i would say that this is one of the neatest coffee sacks that i have found so far... and i have one more sack like it to turn into some burlap goodness. a new design came out from the "cafe do brasil" folks and it is sweet...plus i snagged at least fifteen of them. i'm finishing one up tonight and should be posting it soon...
until then.

james honzik

my portland friend, james honzik, has been working with some experimental photography portraits and they are amazing. he layers photos of organic objects (like rust, alegae, stream beds) with portraits. here is a video montage of some of his work. you can see more of his art at his blog: jamzik.blogspot.com

Monday, May 26, 2008

the franklin house

so it is official, we are now the "franklin house" and so far it's been amazing. to get an overview of what we are building visit our blog: thefranklinhouse.blogspot.com . i will be posting the metamorphasis of our back yard, with the creation of our community garden and the result of having a group of briming artists living together with lots of paint lying around. we are having our third house show this thursday. CJ Boyd Sexxxtet will be here, following a vegetarian potluck. those of you that may not be able or ready for the music and such, should at least stop by and enjoy the food.

the first salad from our garden, with some extra goodness

sean and virginia spruced up the kids play set

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the end and the begining

fair ophelia


finally back... after finishing school and a crazy slew of franklin family events. we are going to start a franklin house blog and when it's up i will link you to all the pictures. so far, we had the haymarket affair remembrance, another franklin house show with a reggae band, the jah kings, and planted our community garden. we have welcomed two new house mates, sean and james. they are co-existing among the spiders and dust of our basement, but they are young and resilient. things have slowed in the last few days and it's nice to start focusing on sewing and fair ophelia designs... something i have been slacking on a lot lately. so i will be more attentive from now on and more productive!