Wednesday, December 23, 2009

table cloth reconstruction

One of my favorite places to go in Portland is SCRAP. My trip there a few weeks ago was well worth the bus ride from our home outside of Portland.
I found this amazing green table cloth with even more awesome green lace finishing.
So I decided to turn it into a wrap skirt and here it is finished ... i love it!!

For the first time EVER I have organized shelves of fabric. Here's the evidence and we will se how long it lasts.

This is my latest project, incorporating this vintage burlap piece that I found on Esty. I have a really bright and intense purple fabric that compliments the bird colorings. (not that the colors in this picture are anywhere near accurate!!)

more to come...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

more house pics

the freakin' huge kitchen

the "presentable" section of the living room
note the amazing Vox organ Pecos B gave us!!!

we have been given the green light to stay here at least for a year, so if we don't get to tired of busing into the city then we will be able to host any of our friends and family who would like to come a visit!
we miss you!!!!!

where we are...

I just finished this amazing new messenger, finally utilizing a silk piece of fabric embroidered with peacocks, on the flap. I have one more section to make another bag!! I'm still working out fabric combinations for the other vintage and rare fabrics I've been hoarding. It's nice being out of burlap for the last couple of weeks...
I finally have pictures of our new home, in Portland. We actually live about a 30 min. bus ride from the city, but the wooded area is going to be great once the winter is over. the buses out here are limited, but still better than the old st. charles SCAT bus system!! Michael and I take the kids to the library every few days. Fair and Whitman are really into the human body right now. They want to know how everything works and the books with the fascinating pictures of our inner workings keep them wide-eyed.
The following are pictures that I took this morning. We are still waiting on our box of decor to come from grandma, so our walls are a little bare!! disregard the slight mess...

fair at the kitchen table

looking up from the entry way at my sewing studio

more pictures to come...

Friday, December 04, 2009

Costa Rica Bag

Just wanted the share one of the few bags I have made since our move to Portland. I love the Coasta Rican "bird of paradise" design. This was given to me by one of the Chauvin roasters before I left St. Louis. I finally put up some new bags on my Etsy and have some really nice ones that I'm working on. I'm running out of burlap and the supply here in Portland is a lot harder to get a hold of. So I'm cracking into my collection of vintage fabrics and I'm extremely happy with what's coming into fruition... check back soon for updates.

I am now taking orders for the Holidays. Please email me as soon as you can so I can get to work. or

Saturday, November 28, 2009

No Rain!!!!

Our temporary backyard is huge, fenced, and filled with wonderous hidden toys (from the past family...) and fuschia. our friend Mara showed Fair how she used to turn the flowers into little ballerinas...
fair and whitman had some interesting ways of playing with the "ballerinas"
with their catapult that they found under a bush!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I've been missing in action, for the past month due to our upheaval from the mid-west and our planting back in portland. Michael , the kids and I are really happy to be in portland. We are house sitting a beautiful place right outside of Portland, in a very woody riverside area. I'm still working on tracking down a good sewing machine... I had to hand mine over to a friend, since we traveled by train. Our laptop died and we are not hooked up to the internet at home, so soon I will have pictures and more time to elaborate on our travels and current adventures. until then... xoxoxoxo

Saturday, October 10, 2009

rebecca's bag

I love this bag!!! I was saving the fabric for a special bag and Rebecca was the lucky one. Some of the fabric is part silk, so it is super soft and the eastern design is gorgeous. I love making these one of a kind bags, from the heaps of designer scraps I have, but it would be nice to be able to make other ones as well!
I have a lot of half made bags, from my marathon pre-Strangefolk weeks. I'll be posting bags every few days on etsy... so keep checking in!

Friday, October 02, 2009

BAGS!!!!! ... and more!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Unschool Family

We are now going on the third week of "unschooling." This has been an amazing adventure and I feel absolutely confident that we have made the best possible choice for our children. We opted to "unschool" rather than "homeschool" because of our belief that children are naturally curious and eager to learn. We go on their lead in what to help teach (more like facilitate and model) and they have geared us into the path of science, especially bugs, and learning about their immediate environment, plant identification and nature walks. Fair is still excited about doing math workbooks and has started reading whole books out loud to us. Her first read was Green Eggs and Ham. Her eyes were so wide and full of glory when she realized she was reading. Now every night when I read to her, she asks me to point out different words she hears and follows along with me...until she conks out.
Whitman is a lot happier now that he is with his sister again. I know that he is learning a lot by just watching Fair. Whitman is 16 mo. younger than Fair, who is 5, and he is not quite understanding some of the more complex scenarios, but he surprises us constantly.
If you would like to read both Michael and I's digest/blog on the family's unschooling experience, go to:
Anyone that would like to share a skill with us and the kids or go on a nature hike/museum visit, just give us a ring or email.
much love
I'm in lock-down for the next two weeks, working on Strangefolk bags... anyone want to help cut some fabric/burlap?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July Part 2 -- GOGOL BORDELLO!!!!!!

Last week Michael and I went to see one of our favorite bands, Gogol Bordello. Our band played at a bulgarian bar in Manhattan this spring and we made some contacts with a few of the GB people. So we decided we wanted to make up a bunch of yummy food ( okay Michael made a bunch of food...) and feed the band before the show. I few emails and a phone call from Pedro ( the percussionist) later and we have the okay. we were just hoping to get on the guest list, but after a few of them tasted the food, we were slipped five all access back stage passes and spent quite a bit a time with each of the members, with the exception of eugene who hid out most of the time, but thanked us profusely at the end of the night and closed with an excited "fuck yeah!!!" in reference to michael's cooking. It was a great night and one of the best performances i've ever seen!! it made me happy, but depressed that our band wasn't together anymore. holy!holy!holy! could of been opening for them or touring with a number of other bands that had posed interest... well, we will see what happens! In the mean time Michael and I will continue to write more and more songs and eventually the other musicians will come out of the woodwork... maybe some kick-ass backup singers and dancers too!!!

The flag that Pedro is waving is our circle-a flag that usually hangs off our front porch. Michael brought it with us and he never passed up an opportunity!!

Speaking of music playing...
Michael and I (and Jason and Alex)
play every Friday night at:
Spice 12
100 N. Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO

we do mainly improvisational persian and gypsy music.

7PM bring your kids!!

July part 1

Our puppy Gogol is getting bigger and we are teetering always about whether to find a new home for him due to his puppy behavior... the kids love him, but we are having nipping and chewing issues that are not being resolved. I'm hoping that he will grow out of it, but the thought of a nip turning into a bad bite would be horrible for the kids and we know what would happen to Gogol. So a new home without little ones may give him the chance to be more effectively trained. He loves my accordion case, but he also loved eating my $250 eye glasses and a check a customer wrote me for one of my bags!!!! things will work out, hopefully we can find a new home sooner than later.

Now that the tours are over we still have the bus and we are enjoying our short drives out into the country or just to the bookstore. it's weird having our main source of transportation as a huge school bus, but at least we live within walking/biking distance to everything. we found a home for the great set of poker chairs dave gave us. they had been in the garage and then in the basement for the last year. now our bus has some pretty hip vintage chairs. the barrel table may be the next addition...

I made some basmati rice pillows for Spice 12. they are a little funky, but your first try at anything usually isn't perfect. I really like them and the restaurant is really in need of some interior decorating!!

whitman and his stickers... he takes all of the stickers from our info shop/bookstore and randomly places around the house. at least this kerouac sticker isn't across the computer screen...

i'm going to be posting more pics from the last month, we may be giving up our home internet for a bit and i want to get as many pictures posted as possible.

much love!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


photos by angie de toy
i'm so glad to have angie in my home. welcoming her and her husband matthew to my studio and my family has been good. she cooks me amazing peruvian dishes and i think i'm starting to like yellow and red peppers more, but i still proclaim "DOWN WITH CILANTRO!!!"
I had my birthday on the 4th of July, something i'm not really excited about, but i did get my beautiful creation from miss amy. fair is sporting the beautiful blue crocheted beret in a few of the pictures above. i love it! miss amy you are the queen of anything yarn.
it's been crazy around here lately because i am playing accordion for a new band The Bootz Orchestra. We have our big show this thursday and record the following three days. that means babysitter coordinating and car coordinating and i really hate having to rely on other people so much. it's only going to last for the next week and then back to normal....but is it ever really normal??

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Twilight #1

so this is one of the first postings of the paintings from my art show earlier this year. i am addicted to using this twilight blue/green and the photo responsible is from the fashion blog of emily martin's black apple.
it's one of my favorite paintings that i've done all year.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fair Ophelia grows!!

Let me introduce to you Angie!! Yes Fair Ophelia Designs is now a two-women venture, Angela and Angie. I just meet Angie a month ago and she is amazing. Originally from Peru, Angie moved to our quaint town with her husband and as always the "eccentric" people in small towns always find each other. Thankfully it was sooner than later! Her background is in photography and design. She spent many years studying in Argentina. She will be working with me to continue my current designs and to create new ones. I'm excited to see what our partnership will bring...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

coffee coasters!!!

I updated my Esty Shop today!!
Here's the latest non-bag item...
burlap coffee coasters.
They are pretty neat and funtional.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The St. Morgan -- a summer bag

The St. Morgan

my new bag design, i opted to name it after my son, because i like it that much. It is the same dimensions as the messenger bags, perfect to slip a laptop into or hold a lot of stuff for travels. this is my personal bag shown below and i use it all the time.

i just finished leah's bridesmaid dresses (photos will be posted soon!) and i found the camera cable to upload pictures, so i will be making bags again and posting them in my shop. until then if you would like to order a bag just email me:

**i really don't know why my text is underlined and i can't figure out how to change it... the mystery continues...***

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

the little whitman

photos by dominique hamilton

curious about jake's bass

his "innocent" face...but we know he's a devil!!!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bizarre Bazaar May 16th and 17th

Fair Ophelia Designs @
The Bizarre Bazaar

I have a new summer design for the burlap bags and wrist cuffs!! I may bring out the button earrings as well...

School is almost out and sewing will be resurrected!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

What I've Been Doing...

I just got back last week from holy!holy!holy! east coast tour(s). i rocked the accordion for two weeks, along with my 8 other band mates making some beautiful ruckus music. so i'm back and have three more weeks of class before...SUMMER BREAK!!!! and then maybe i'll post here more than once a month. check out our band site and i'll see you all back here sooner than later.


Monday, March 02, 2009

the last month...

whitman and his che

fair at the rocks

hard-core whit

momma and fair

playing music and looking serious

all of these amazing photos are courtesy of dominique hamilton. we are recording holy!holy!holy!'s EP this sat. and school is crazy, so I'm sorry for the sparseness, but it will continue for only awhile longer. keep updated at the band's blog holy!holy!holy! i will be part of craft mafia's Green With Indie Show March 21st and 22nd. All bag sales will be halted until then, unless you say please...