Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Design

small coffee sack messenger

After many requests, I have designed a new, smaller version of the coffee sack messenger bag. I really like the shape, kind of militaryesque. I made three for a friend to choose two from and of course she chose my favorite one, but i have enough fabric left over to make one for myself...but we know how that ends up... over someone elses shoulder. I will be posting these ones on my etsy shop soon. i think that I will have an officially update day after the first of the year.

i am waiting for my england order to arrive, so that I can post pictures of it. it was one of the most involved and time-consuming free motion stitching design on a messenger bag flap that i've done so far. alexandra... you're family so i went the extra mile and i hope that you love it.

i've been busy trying to keep up with my orders. this week i shipped to alaska, england, colorado, louisiana, oregon and hawaii. it feels good to know that my creations are floating around out there.

well, i have to get to work before the kids wake up.

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