Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Etsy Shop and The City

I have finally set up my etsy shop and will be adding bags over the next few weeks. It is so nice to have an easy way for far away folks to buy my stuff. And on to the city... Michael and I are looking into moving into St. Louis, "the city." We have been really homesick for Portland, in the last month, and we were plotting our return until a strange string of events pointed us to stay in the area. The first was a possible apartment rental in South City from a fellow artisan at the Home -Eco open-house. Then a visit to our favorite coffeehouse, when the kiddos are in tote, where we ran into a lost friend and a possible job oppurtunity. Then the next day, Fair just happened to say,"There's a future in the city," while we were chilling in our living room. My three year old soothsayer... Then the final straw was when we stopped into a bookstore, after a poetry reading and they were actually hiring. michael's dream job, aside from being a full-time artist. So needless to say, we are going to do whatever we can to make the move. I think we are going to shoot for mid-jan or feb. It will be so nice to walk to everything, or at least take the bus, the metro and not be tied to a car. The only downfall is me having to commute back to St. Charles for school twice a week. Well we will see how things fall into place... AHHH!! I have so many bag orders to work on and finals are due next week! breathe, just breathe...

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