Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July part 1

Our puppy Gogol is getting bigger and we are teetering always about whether to find a new home for him due to his puppy behavior... the kids love him, but we are having nipping and chewing issues that are not being resolved. I'm hoping that he will grow out of it, but the thought of a nip turning into a bad bite would be horrible for the kids and we know what would happen to Gogol. So a new home without little ones may give him the chance to be more effectively trained. He loves my accordion case, but he also loved eating my $250 eye glasses and a check a customer wrote me for one of my bags!!!! things will work out, hopefully we can find a new home sooner than later.

Now that the tours are over we still have the bus and we are enjoying our short drives out into the country or just to the bookstore. it's weird having our main source of transportation as a huge school bus, but at least we live within walking/biking distance to everything. we found a home for the great set of poker chairs dave gave us. they had been in the garage and then in the basement for the last year. now our bus has some pretty hip vintage chairs. the barrel table may be the next addition...

I made some basmati rice pillows for Spice 12. they are a little funky, but your first try at anything usually isn't perfect. I really like them and the restaurant is really in need of some interior decorating!!

whitman and his stickers... he takes all of the stickers from our info shop/bookstore and randomly places around the house. at least this kerouac sticker isn't across the computer screen...

i'm going to be posting more pics from the last month, we may be giving up our home internet for a bit and i want to get as many pictures posted as possible.

much love!!!

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