Sunday, July 12, 2009


photos by angie de toy
i'm so glad to have angie in my home. welcoming her and her husband matthew to my studio and my family has been good. she cooks me amazing peruvian dishes and i think i'm starting to like yellow and red peppers more, but i still proclaim "DOWN WITH CILANTRO!!!"
I had my birthday on the 4th of July, something i'm not really excited about, but i did get my beautiful creation from miss amy. fair is sporting the beautiful blue crocheted beret in a few of the pictures above. i love it! miss amy you are the queen of anything yarn.
it's been crazy around here lately because i am playing accordion for a new band The Bootz Orchestra. We have our big show this thursday and record the following three days. that means babysitter coordinating and car coordinating and i really hate having to rely on other people so much. it's only going to last for the next week and then back to normal....but is it ever really normal??

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Anonymous said...

These photos are gorgeous. Miss y'all.