Monday, January 07, 2008

weekend with na-do

cooking up some oatmeal

drinking up some tea

i finally had my girls' weekend, despite a head cold. we decided to hold off on chicago and stay in town. it was a whole bunch of sleepin' in, tea in the early afternoon, way too many movies (Grandma's Boy, Sweeney Todd, Hot Rod, UltraViolet **horrible, even with Milla to look at**, and Foot Loose) and we ended it with a walk through the Botanical Gardens. Na-Do is the only other person that I can watch really bad...but oh so good 80's movies and some just plain stupid ones with and do it five times in a row. If it hadn't been for Mr. Johnny Deppe and a crazy 70 degree day in January, we would of attempted the madness once again. but instead we went for a walk and took advantage of some bag wearin' photo ops...

this is another example of a bag i made for myself, but na-do ended up with it. it's the first pleated design... i bit longer than the one's i've done lately.

my latest messenger bag

this weekend was just what i needed...i heart na-do.

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