Monday, January 21, 2008

The Crowded Fire

every once in a while my husband, michael, gets a wild hair and decides he wants to do something seemingly improbable... but he does it. like, hitchhike down to san fran and meet ferlinghetti, talk to russian poet yevgeny yetushenko, interview howard zen for his live non-broadcast talk show he's been wanting to do for years and so many more things. it's sometimes hard to believe the things that michael has done, but there's always proof.
this friday, michael will have his first talk show and is interviewing (by telephone...through p.a.) author howard zinn and lakota activist russel means. oh yeah and next month he's got noam choamsky. i can't wait to be there. these are people that i studied for years and to have it happened at Picasso's, a coffeehouse/cafe, in slightly backwards-trying-to-get-turned-around st. charles, missouri, makes it even better.
here's the information below, click on the poster to enlarge.

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