Saturday, January 02, 2016

Plant Medicines and Folk Herbalism

Over the last four years I have taken up a more sincere study of plant medicines and feel more comfortable now calling myself and being called a folk herbalist.  Much of my knowledge has been gleaned from other herbalists living in close proximity, books...self-study and many workshops. There is an ever-growing list of plants that I have formed a relationship with and am beginning to understand their interactions with our bodies (physically, mentally and spiritually).  This knowledge was common to most people prior to the industrial revolution and still is an important part of many cultures that live more directly with the land.
My interest in herbalism began when I came to the understanding that dependency on western doctors and hospitals was one element of control I could reclaim.  Just like learning to sew, learning plant medicine is another step towards remembering our history and old ways of being.  My hope is to pass on these old folk lifeways onto my kids and community, instilling a culture of remembrance and practice.  It is empowering, it is clarifying and it is desperately needed.
I look forward to my continual, lifelong study of plant medicines and love sharing the things I have learned and the healing medicines that I have made.  I have posted many tinctures, oil and salves in our Remembering Wildness Etsy shop. Email me ( if monetary payment is an issue and I am always down to work something out.

I have a lot more to explore/share in the area of folk herbalism and self care and will be posting more in depth writings on specific plants and medicines.

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