Monday, December 07, 2015

Red Hawk Avalon

Our new home is at Red Hawk Avalon.  Outside of Pe Ell, WA is a valley steeped in history and the ghost logging town of Walville rests.  We live where realms meet, the water flows heavy and the earth is soft beneath our feet.
Our dry cozy home while we live in the land of rain.

The Highway 6 Rail Trail, just on the other side of the creek, goes the whole length from Chehalis to Raymond, ending at the coast.


Communal loft space for gatherings, music making/recording, workspaces, library and enjoying the toasty wood stove.
Sweat Lodge -- bringing all of our ancestors and ceremonies, new and old.

Shanty roaming the woods with me. Swordferns, moss and all.

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