Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Adventures in Eco-printing Part One

I jumped into my first eco-printing session yesterday, after reading up on the many ways to achieve the color imprints.  I was given a huge amount of organic wool scraps and figured this was the best use for them.  Eco-printing is really simple, but it takes a lot of experimenting to fully understand how one can achieve clear images and get a range of colors.  I already had an iron solution, from dyeing with sumac berries earlier in the day, so I bundled the wool with rubber bands and placed them in a steam bath of the iron solution.  Everything was going well until one of my kids spooked me and while checking on one of the bundles dropped them into the solution... oops!!! Normally I think this would be fine, except the solution had turned dark grey from the sumac.  After a little profanity I remembered how mishaps can create beauty in art making... So to my pleasant surprise they still turned out beautifully.  I am full of ideas on how to use these little pieces of art.  Maybe journal covers, holiday cards, wall hangings, patches, there are so many possibilities!!!!   My next batch, which is soaking as I type this, will be unrolled after tonight.  I am going to try the steaming technique again to see if it produces the subtle details better.

Lay leaves and flowers on pre-alumed wet wool
Eco-print of leaves on wool



susann wurl said...

These are beautiful! Are you using prefelted wools? Are they woven?

Angela Franklin said...

Yes! The wool is pre-felted. They are scraps from a local company that uses organic wool to insulate their geo-domes. I've been wondering what to do with the wool, and now I know!!! They are not woven though...