Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a work day

the house today was filled with sounds of working... my sewing machine buzzing, ben and michael pulling up flooring and hammering and to kids trying the stay busy and out of our way. They did a pretty good job. I'm almost finished sewing the tree bags and from the looks of the studio, in the picture below, I haven't been keeping up on the organization end of things. I always find my self leaving piles of unfolded fabric and an ever-growing collection of thread pieces at my feet.

We have agreed to do as much renovation work as we have the skills to do, while we are staying in the house. Today we began to redo one of the upper bathroom floors and start the dismantling of the stair case. All day long both Michael and my brother, Ben, commented on the "creative" way ( meaning cheap and seemingly lazy) the house has been worked on in the past. My brother is a perfectionist and managed to beautifully renovate his old house by himself. This pretty much shocked the family, since we had no clue he had those skills. He just says it's common sense and he has had many conversations with contractors. I think he's hiding something...

Whitman asked today if he could do some "stitchin'" and I was more than pleased! He sat down at my feet and stitched away, not once needing my assistance to untangle thread or getting frustrated with any of his mistakes. I thought his design looked like some abstract bird head, but he said it was a "haunted L." The video below is pretty cute. Fair spent most of the day building her own cozy reading nest while keeping her madeline dolls company.
We ended the day with another one of Michael's famous soul food meals. After a full day of work, my stomach is full and now it's time to settle down with the kids for an episode of BBC's Robin Hood. Once the kids are asleep, I'll resign to the studio again in hopes of finishing the bags.

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