Monday, April 12, 2010

my day in a glimpse...

Fair and Whitman are really getting into activity books. We have been working on lots of decoding puzzles, word scrambles, and even how to understand maps. We were given a kids atlas to the U.S. many years ago and Fair is old enough now to work on most of the activities on her own. It was nice watching the kids work together, without fights. Fair assumes the role of reader and actually gives Whitman a chance to get the easy answers.
Fair went out with Michael today to canvass the neighborhood for his job with B.A.R.K. She's really proud to go out and help daddy protect Mt. Hood National Forest. She says it was fun, but the lots of walking was not so much fun... They did come home with a dozen fresh chicken eggs from some friends they saw along the way.
I also got to witness an awesome transformation of Sara's daughter, Sophia. She's been asking for a pink mohawk... and today was the day!!! Not pink yet, but the most dramatic part is over...

She has the attitude to suit...

Sara and I started working on the next kid's bag design. This is the blood orange so far... Sara took it home to do the stitching and I'm excited to see the outcome! I spent most of the afternoon cutting out fabric pieces and tonight the sewing will recommence!!!!


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