Saturday, February 20, 2010

bolsas por los ninos

After a month with no sewing machine, i finally paid off my debt for the tank of a machine, the Singer Slant-o-Matic 401A. One of my dream machines! And the four kids bags that were inches away from being finished are done and posted in my shop.
We had a little photo shoot with the kids and i'm off now to continue on the bed ruffle and table cloth skirt adventure. Fair is wearing a green tablecloth skirt in the pictures.
Fair and I are also doing natural dyeing with onion skins, tumeric, etc for the mass of white fabrics I recently found. The outcome so far has been stuning and gives the skirts a great vintage quality.
i'll show off my new machine in the next posting and show our adventure at the anti-police brutality protest we went to yesterday. Portland has a horrible track record, just a few weeks ago an unarmed man, Aaron Campbell, was shot in the back.
my husband's radio show segment on the protest, on BURN

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