Friday, April 11, 2008

franklin family folk festival

last night we celebrated the first ever franklin family food folk festival. the sky cleared for us right before dinner and we shared the company of our many st. charles friends, but a whole slew of those from st. louis. more and more people arrived throughout the night and enjoyed our backyard, with poetry, music and fire. we hosted David Rovics for the night , while he is on a short mid-west tour and he closed the evening with his furious guitar pickin' and sweetly piercing songs. it was his 41st b-day and michael suprised him with a homemade cake. michael's nifty like that... he used so much red food coloring that everyone's mouths were turning red. it was a really great night and i didn't pick up a single dish! i'm really against disposable plates, even at huge potlucks. we went through four sets of dishes, over forty people ate and we ended the night with two full recycling bins (one went missing at the end of the night...) and less than half a bag of trash. i always get upset when i see three huge full trash cans whenever i go to other potlucks or events. i hope more people start mucking through the dishes and give up the convenience of throw away plates and the like. i had many volunteer washers... sean, james and the other mystery washers get many points. thank you! and thanks to all who came and shared an amazing evening and to those who gave their support to david. all of the boys ( michael, david, jason and sean) left this afternoon to drive david to KY and then on to Tennessee. I'm sure they will have many adventures, make lots of good music and hopefully remain out from behind bars (the orange jump suit kind).

david rovics and his revolutionary b-day cake

fairs, tigers and whitmans, oh my

a sliver of jen with james and sean

i think lady bug is enjoying the poetry.

michael, my hubby and of the garage

sean arnold, casino town poet

the fire

the beautiful glow...
of not only my lovely cousin carrey and her belly-floating baby boy ( please name him Ettienne), but of the fire.

off to play with the kiddos!

thanks! angela

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