Saturday, April 05, 2008

chicago and the sickness

i had a fabulous time in chicago last weekend (henry darger, pale blue dot and a skinny-ass bar called the matchbox...just to give you a taste) and i'm dedicating a whole future post on the trip... sadly i came back and by the end of the next day i was laid out with a flu bug and have been moving at a snail's pace for the last four days. whitman caught it as well and we were in the ER wed. night to get him re hydrated. things are calming down now but i still have the rumblies in my tummblie. i was feeling a bit better on thurs., but i didn't want to chance getting sick during classes, so i spent the day at home sewing these:

and whitman's conquering dino... on the Vera linen bag. This is actually the first bag that i ever made, using a tea towel. it just took me until a few days ago to figure out an interior fabric that would work to go with it and not take away from it's vintage feel.

more to come...

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