Sunday, March 09, 2008

studio rebirth and sunday mornings

I finally moved the sewing studio back into our mud room. here is the half that is organized... the half behind the camera is a four foot high pile of stuff that will be dealt with later on. i put up a shelf to make my bag-making fabrics more accessible and added a card table for cutting and drawing out patterns. this set up is definatly more functional than before.

here's a bag i just finished for a friend of mine. she didn't want anything floral or paisley, so this was our compromise. not too paisley, but more of a classy indian feeling.

for the last month or two we have been having brunch at picasso's on sundays. two omelets for michael and i and a huge belgian waffle for the kids to share. going out to breakfast is something we always did in portland and it is good to have a cozy place to hang out at that we feel some what comfortable with the kids.

the weather has been eratic lately( 80 degrees last weekend only to snow 8 inches the following day), but today is the second sunday of taking the short walk down to main st and we walked along the railroad tracks at the waterfront... the kids insist on stumbling over the rickety tressels the whole length of the park (don't worry the tracks have been out of commissions for over a decade).

our good friends, scott and kelly, came over later in the day with their little ones faron and miranda. the girls dressed up as princesses. miranda loves the pillowcase dress i made and fair had to wear the frida crown.from her halloween costume. the girls danced around and the boys banged their trucks into any and everything... god, how gendered our kids are, but we really didn't push them either way. whitman took to trains and cars, while fair insisted on being a princess. but at least they both love making art and fair did ask to be frida this last halloween... so her priorities are somewhat straight.

the hubbies just swept them all off to chuckie cheese's to give momma some sewing time. so i best be getting off this thing and get some work done.

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