Tuesday, March 11, 2008

first sew

after waiting through many cold days and nights, i finally starting sewing in the new studio. i pulled the space heater out of michael's studio, in the garage, and finished a few bags that are quite tardy. thank you everyone for your patience. i love how the studio is all windows, but the cold air leaks into the room so easily, due to the 100+ year old house. ( notice my adorable black apple postcard in the back ground? emily gives extra goodies with all her orders.)

my little sewing mascot.

and voila, the large pleated canvas bag. a lady requested that i remake this bag for her and i happened to have just enough fabric left to accomplish the feat.

my cutie #2 ( not in rank, just in years...) we went down to the railroad tracks again. the train cabooses on display are now james and persy... because one is green and one red and whitman is obsessed with trains. the scarf is another chirstmas present from lovely amy. it's actually daddy's, but i stole it for whitman.

fair had a nice stroll along the water with her friend shade. shade is only a few weeks younger than fair and the only boy friend she has that isn't years older. they are so cute. everything is brown here and the wind is chilling, but the leafless tree skyline is still amazing. i'm really hoping the weather gets warmer soon so our outings can be extended.
it's been a great couple of days. i got an A on my folklore and fables midterm and my first few prints of my linoleum block weren't completely horrible. i'll post some of my prints that i've made soon.

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rooloo said...

Love your blog, bag designs.
I'm listening to your hubby's interview on RFN as I type to you.
I was so happy to learn you all are living in StL. Just moved from after 53 years!
How refreshing and substantial you both are.
Thanks for sharing your talents, thoughts, family, and yourselves!