Thursday, February 21, 2008

missing in action...

sorry for the lack of attention, but i've been drowning in school work and trying not to make myself sick. and i must admit i've been spending a little too much time shopping on-line and going out thrifting. i did make some great buys though.
a paper doll set
(for fair's birthday)

4 round vintage lockets
(for myself and maybe for some of you special ones out there...)

okay so i'm doing it again, i have to stop looking at this computer screen and get to sewing. i have quite a few bags to work on. so goodbye for now...

a few things before i truly go:

michael and i have started our own portable bookstore, check our blog for Sticks&Stones Books

today was the first day of work at Black Bear Bakery, for michael. yeah for good food and anarchists!


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