Sunday, February 03, 2008

Etsy Shop Update Today

I will be slowly, but surely updating my etsy shop with bags today. I will start around 4pm and end.... who knows...I have 15 bags to add!! yes, 15. this is largely due to the great but extremely overcrowded show last night. i did not have a hand in the arranging and setup of displays and unfortunately my bags where lost within the sea of merchandise. the space was tiny for the amount of stuff and people, so unless it was a quick grab, many sales where lost. despite my lack of sales, i met some really cool people.
i've become one step closer to getting my tattoo, from miss lauren b., at evermore. I am getting Three Ages of Women, by Gustav Klimt, as an upper arm sleeve. I'm doing it for a number of reasons, mainly it is to honor fair's birth. Here is the actually painting, but lauren with be simplifying it and changing some coloring .
i found a great hook up for asian baby slings, from South City Slings.

and i got to hang out with longtime friend kate, from red anvil.

so, in the end, i may not of been financially successful, but it was a great social evening with sword-toting belly dancers, fellow crazy crafters and artists, and a few solid women that i hopefully will be hanging with again.

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