Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Michael and I were commissioned by Picasso's Coffeehouse to make "window treatments." So I sewed the coffee sacks together, with ties and all, and michael painted two retro-style coffee ads on the top portion. they turned out really nice and the atmosphere in their front room is a lot warmer, plus no blaring morning sun. and as i said when i posted this on my old site, michael and i survive the adventure of collaboration without any major wounds.

ALSO... i fixed my pay pal button so it should be working now for those of you that tried to use it earlier. sorry of the inconvenience.

i also was given a bunch of designer fabric samples that will be turned into bags, so i will have pictures of my pleated "market" bags up soon and for sale here. this is a picture of one i custom made for a friend. the floral print is actually part of her old pajamas she wanted to rescue from "don't want to throw it away, so it gets put in the corner of some random box" blues.

The lower bag is one i made for myself, but ended up selling it... like always.

I am putting these bags into several boutiques over the next month. They are $45, with s&h.
I really love making this design. I can be more creative with the fabric pairing.

off to do those drawings for class...due two weeks ago... goodnight all.

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