Monday, August 18, 2014


It has been quite some time since my last post and, as always, life is keeping my family busy.  We currently are ranch-sitting for a friend, which puts us in a bit of an uncomfortable living situation…in house and not in our tipi. With a fire ban and county regulations, tipi living is not an option at this current location. Our bodies have gotten soft and the spring in my step is fading.  It is hard living somewhere where everything is at an arm’s reach and my body is not being fully used.  I look forward to the days when we return to the woods, chopping firewood and cooking over our hearth and bending ourselves in the dance with nature. I feel a disconnect, but know that my commitment is almost fulfilled and we will be out of here come Fall.

There are newly formed relationships and untended old ones swirling around me.  Our family said farewell to living in Tipi Village and in the wake there is a pile of knots sitting, waiting to be picked through… We meet a family, new to Ashland, who recently opened a store The Leaf and Dragon.  They sell all things eco, faerie, pirate, fantasy, Viking and folklore related and I am consigning my creations with them.

I dug out all of my slips, lace and linens,  collected over the last few years, dyeing  them and turning them into fancy clothing.  Bodices, wrap skirts, slip dresses, waistcoats, pixie caps and lots of other accessories.  I am hoping to run through all of my supplies because refilling them is always an adventure.  Thrift stores and antique malls call to me throughout our travels…

Here are the things I have been making and a glimpse into our summer so far.



More to come!!

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