Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Missouri Moments

The kids have spend many nights taking orders for their restaurant, "Silly Chicken." They created a menu of gourmet foods... here is the Breakfast Deluxe with bacon, pancakes, a fried egg, salad and bressel sprouts.  The lego, pipe cleaner, and fabric creations were artistic and clever... however their prices were a little steep...
And then we have the real stuff...Michael helped the kids put their Junior Master Chef skills to the test, preparing homemade gluten-free raviolis, stuffed with basil, goat cheese, dates, and walnuts.  Pan-seared lamb, leafy greens salad and sauteed bell peppers and onions.  They also made a stuffed focaccia bread with the ravioli leavings.  Fair plated it and we all enjoyed a beautiful fancy meal.

I want to start drawing again, but feel as if my hand has lost its intimacy with line.  I have always strived for the simplest renderings.  They seem to hold the most truth for me. I did a few plant studies and illustrations for the Tipi Village Newsletter, but I can tell the difference in my ability, to capture the things in my mind or even right in front of me, change depending on the frequency of sketching.  When I was studying art I drew, or at least thought about drawing, every day.  My hand and my sight became one, I hope to reconnect them over the next few months and start making drawing a part of my daily routine.
I have been thinking about making and illustrating bi-monthly wall calendars, which will include elements of Celtic tree months, astronomy, lunar cycles and other earth-based aspects to them.  The one above is for our family for January/Feb.  We are currently in the month of the Birch and will eventually go into Rowan (also known as Mountain Ash).  I have been reading about Ozark folklore, since our family will be spending the rest of the winter in southern Missouri.  Their superstitions and folkways are abundant and I hope we will learn more about the local culture from the families that will be living around us.  I know we will get to know the local librarian, as always!  The closest town, Doniphan, has an old blacksmith shop and I plan on attending as many workshops as I can.

Grandpa has been getting Michael to tattoo him every chance he can get!  He is going on his third one...

This is the latest one and he still needs to fill in with color.

This was the first one he did, over three years ago.  He ended up doing this freehand because the transfer images wiped off after the third wipe down...

Michael and I collaborated once again on one of his long bows.  This is "Eagle Bow" from Pacific Yew.  I created and painted the NW style eagle design.  This was made for an 11 year old kid in Washington.

Fair made her first bow, out of Pacific yew as well, under Michael's guidance. Both of them were super proud! She named it "Grey Fox."  It's a beauty and I am sure it is one of many to come. 
So like I said before, we are making our way down to land outside of Doniphan, MO, in the SE edge of the Ozarks.  We will pitch our lodge and have another winter tipi experience.  Once again we will smell like wood smoke, have layers upon layers of wool, read ourselves to sleep by candlelight, wake to crisp air and spend a good amount of time around our brilliant and warm hearth. 

I still have the BROKE NOT BROKEN Sale going on in my Etsy shop until Saturday!  

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