Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Christmas Creations

Every year I do Holiday Craft Fairs, I make ornaments and various other small gifts.  This year I turned my magnets into ornaments of old depictions of St. Nicolas.  I found five different book covers of " A Visit from Santa Claus/The Night Before Christmas," and one illustration, creating a unique vintage-looking set of ornaments. 
I also made Organic Healing Salve, from the St. John's Wort oil I made early this Fall.  I will be filling larger glass jars later today. 
I'm making some steam punk stockings, little wool skirts, more wool hooded scarves and if I have time... journals from the eco-printed wool scrapes.  We will see what I can fit in by this weekend.
Fair Ophelia will be at the Skinker DeBaliviere Wintermarkt this Saturday, 11-4pm, in St. Louis, MO. Come by and support your local artisans. Bundle up... it is going to be a cold, but sunny one!!!!

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