Monday, October 08, 2012

Foot Powered

I finally finished putting together my treadle sewing set up!!!  I'm excited to get started creating things and learning how to utilize natural dyes.  There are lots of native plants I can use just outside our tipi door: Oregon Grape Root, Elderberry, Sagebrush, and Usnea are just a few...  I will start documenting my learning/dying process as I go.  Below is a slightly blurred shot of my outdoor studio.  I will be creating a covered and walled tent with a wood-burning stove for the winter.

Since we have no electricity, I used hand carving tools and a hand saw to fit the Singer into the table top.  I'm pretty proud of my first attempt at woodworking.

We had a visitor to Tipi Village who asked Michael make her 10 year old son a friction fire bow drill set from Yucca and I made the carrying bag for it.  This was my first creation on the treadle machine and it turned out great.  It's tricky at first, but I'm getting used to using the foot pedal.

I also added a donate button at the top of my page for anyone who would like to help us get to town once a week, for internet and supplies. Tipi Living doesn't cost a lot, but gas does...  and we are working on raising enough money to buy canvas for our own tipi lodge.  We spent two days this week cutting 20 lodge poles and will be spending the next few weeks skinning and working them into smooth beauties.
It's all worth it!!!  We have had a lot of visitors in the last few weeks and there is nothing like hanging out in a warm fire-lit tipi playing music and eating amazing food!

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