Thursday, October 09, 2008

slowing down, speeding up

sorry I have been missing in action, but things are starting to slow down here... only to speed up for the holidays. i'm almost half way through my fall semester and the Franklin House is sparse, due to the coming cold. fair ophelia designs is getting really busy and will stay that way through the new year. i will be making my first trip back to Portland on wednesday. i am excited beyond words for this vacation.
michael and i have started to play music together. oh yeah, i have taken up the accordion and it has been quite the venture. it must be one of the most complicated instruments to play and on top of the playing, i'm singing as well! we may just become a gillian welch cover band with the amount of amazing songs she has. "miss ohio" was the first one we conquered.
i'll write more soon!
much love

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