Saturday, July 26, 2008


i've finally downloaded all of the pictures from the last month..

garden time

the kids love the garden. whitman and fair are always eager to help water and weed. we let a few of our cucumbers get enormous and fair fell asleep with her new "baby." a few of our tomatoes are turning orange and the corn are growin' some nice ears.

skirt crazy

fair has been begging me to sew her some clothes and my first non-costume sew was this cute green skirt. her favorite color is red, so i added a nice polka dot patch to appease her. i must say her outfit came together quite well! mommy's necklace tied it all in...


the day after the boys left, i decided to take a jump and cut me some bangs. i was scared that it would come off as soccor-momish,. but i think it's a nice change.

camera obscura part deux

more photography by fair and whitman.

i love this one.

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