Thursday, June 19, 2008

home alone

the boys took off this morning to trek on up to PAPA Festival. Holy!Holy!Holy! is the opening band for the festival and the boys are excited and nervous. It's their first big show and the kids and i are staying home, due to me being sick for the past few days. I'm looking forward to see all of the pictures and hear the stories.
on a sadder note, michael's dad went into the hospital on Father's Day, for more heart problems. michael headed up there on Monday and is getting picked up by the band on their way to the festival. his dad is feeling a lot better and will be going home tomorrow. we are most likely going to help him move down, from ohio, to be closer to us to help out. it will be hard, but everything works out in the end...
our friend virginia harold is an amazing photographer and has been capturing some beautiful shots of the kids and of the franklin housers. so i'll leave you all with one of her captured moments.

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