Wednesday, April 26, 2006

kerry patch collective @ the catsup factory

michael and i have been offered a 14,000 sq. ft. warehouse in old north city in st. louis. it has two stories and 7, 000 sq. ft. on each. the upstairs is split into a large storage room with old hardwood floors (gallery) and the other half is a display room and offices with carpet (our living quarters). the down stairs is an open warehouse wiht a large tool room, industrial shelves and three new gargage doors ( the artists studio spaces and performance area). if we can break our current lease we will be moving into the upper living quarters, in June or when we can get the kinks worked out(bathtub and stove are missing). We are naming the artist collective "kerry patch", because that is the name that was given to the neighborhood when the irish immigrants first came. it was the irish slums of st. louis and center for their secret societies, gangs. the building used to be the brooks catsup factory, before they moved across the river, the world's largest ketchup bottle/water tank in collinsville. we wanted to incorporate it's history and luckily we love what we found. it's finally coming together. pictures soon.

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